Skills Development

Here are some videos from Brían & P.J. Ryan to help you develop your hurling skills. Remember "Practice makes perfect!!" Thanks for the tips lads!!

NOTE: To successfully play the videos click the "pop out" button in the top right hand side of each video

Skill 1 (U11) Tippy Taps.mp4
Skill 1 (U13) Ground Striking, Alternative Sides.mp4
Skill 2 (U11) Ground Striking.mp4

Ground striking - Preferred & Opposite Sides

Skill 2b (U11) Ground Striking (Other Side).mp4
Skill 2 (U13) Free Taking.mp4

Free taking (U13s)

Skill 3b (U11) Strike from the Hand, Other Side.mp4
Skill 3 (U11) Strike from the Hand.mp4
Skill 3 (U13) Jab Lift & Strike.mp4

One of the most important skills in the game - The jab lift!!

Skill 4 (U11) Point Scoring, Preferred
Skill 4b (U11) Strike from the Hand, Other
Skill 4 (U13) Ball
Skill 5 (U13) Long